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Quality is the company’s life. SCREWTECH brand embodies precision and quality. We are always engaged in each customer’s success, and is uniquely qualified to deliver a product that meets exacting standards without compromise on quality, durability, and precision.


We are committed to partnering with our customers at the front end of projects to put a program in place for success across the entire lifecycle – from prototyping through production.Providing our customers with  the highest level of quality, service, and engineering expertise. Fulfilling customer needs – whether they require standard or custom offerings.
SCREWTECH supports every major CAD software program – incompatibility is never an issue!
Custom design is never a problem!


We hope to be recognized worldwide as an elite supplier of premium engineered products.And could invest in manufacturing capacity and technology, possessing the most advanced facilities in the world. With global service and support to offer customers with access to the technical resources to guide their requirements.And to serve the most prominent customers in our target industries.

After-sales service

We offer a 12 months warranty.
When the product problem is found, contact the sales staff for after-sales service,preferential technical support services will be always given..
24 hours fast response
Free maintenance
Can claim for refund or replacement for defective product




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